What is FIG?

The FIG token constitutes the currency used to perform any type of transaction within the games of ATB Games Inc. It will allow users to purchase services or NFTs and to trade and play - it will constitute the medium of exchange and will act as a value accrual token.

Players spend FIG in order to play games, buy items, services or equipment, or customize their character, vehicle or any ingame instrument.

FIG is the BEP20 token created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that is used within games released by ATB Games Inc. as the basis for all of ecosystem’s transactions and interactions.

Designed on the principle of “play to earn” and aims to create a way to allow players reach a satisfying gaming experience.

The idea is integrating blockchain technology with mobile game world. Players are included in a system where they can convert points into tokens, and the more games they play, the more FIGs they receive.

Fig Manager

A great Metaverse Game

Get your team before the game starts! Don't miss the team prices before the Metaverse Game. A fantasy football metaverse manager game.


When a team is purchased, player transfers will be made by NFT cards Each NFT card contains a unique code, and upon processing this code, the player on the relevant NFT card is transferred.

  Fig Manager


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Great PC And Mobile Games

We build fully Decentralized on Game Asset Share Platform that Augments Access to Blockchain Technologies. Play and Earn system entegrated on our games.

Platform For Gaming

FIG aims to construct a comprehensive ecosystem that revolves around FIG. Users will be able to acquire FIG through FIG Stake and further spend FIG in various real-life scenarios.

Friends & Community

One International Marketplace that combines online game item store and services around the world. Buy any goods or services with our FIG Tokens fast and instant.

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The feature of many games that exist and serve in the FIG Ecosystem is that all your assets in the game are protected by blockchain

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