FIG Arena is a Multiplayer mode PC Game where more than 24 Robot characters with unique features and appearances collide in Arenas on Forest and derivative planets (circles) and the last 3 players win ATBFig.

By purchasing dozens of different Monster Robots in the game, you can improve their features, add weapon mechanisms, modify them and buy additional features (with In-Game ATBFig).

With the multiplayer mode, you can fight with your friends in multiplayer, you can win or lose in-game virtual money.

All monetary expenditures in the project will be made with virtual money in the game, and the player will earn income by spending and earning a lot of ATBFig. Ads and images of Figtoken will be placed within the game.

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We build fully Decentralized on Game Asset Share Platform that Augments Access to Blockchain Technologies. Play and Earn system entegrated on our games.

FIG Arena is a blockchain based Multiplayer PC Game. Players, can transfer their ATBFIG tokens into the game to spend them and join to the battles ongoing in Arenas. If player eliminate all his/her rivals in the arena, he will win ATBFIG token prizes.

Blockchain Based Fighting Game Trailer

Get Ready for an Arena Fight! Deposit your ATBFIG for earning a ticket to join the Arena. Fight against other competitors, be the winner and earn ATBFIG tokens as a prize! Buy new characters, improve your skills and be the legend on ARENA!