Cryptocurrency from Turkey to 33 Countries!

Ahmet Turgut Buruk made a statement about cryptocurrencies.

Ahmet Turgut BURUK; “This is exactly why we, as ATB Games, have turned to the mobile game industry. Players will have a chance to earn an asset with real value while playing games where they spend a certain time of the day. If I'm already playing games for a certain amount of time each day, what could be better than having fun and earning a worthwhile crypto asset during this time? While many mobile games make in-app purchases somewhat mandatory, thanks to the ATBBIG token, all players will have the opportunity to save money in real life. ”

What Does ATBFIG Offer?

When we look at blockchain-based games around the world, regardless of the game type, there is only one game and a valid cryptocurrency in that game. Players play these games even if they don't have fun with the thought of whether they can win something through the win-as-you-play mechanism. On the other hand, in these games, new players do not have much chance against experienced players, and new players fail to show success and switch to a different game. This cycle continues by constantly changing games and for many players, continuity cannot be ensured in a single game.

Regarding the subject, Buruk said, “We think that the main purpose of the game, which is entertainment, is ignored and the reason for this question is acted on with the thought that I can only gain something of monetary value. By producing games in many different categories that will appeal to all ages and tastes, we both offer the opportunity to win as you play and allow the time allocated for the game to be fun. If a game is not liked or the game is not successful, a different game with a chance to win ATBFIG may be preferred. In its most basic form, we define playing games as an activity that one does for fun. We know that it is not possible to make a definitive judgment about the future of the gaming world, but we believe that it will always be fun to play no matter what.”

What we want to do is to combine fun and profit. We believe that users should want to play games whether they earn a financial return or not. The key is to make sure the games are fun regardless of whether they are blockchain-based. Unlike a single blockchain-based game, you will have many options and if you wish, you will be able to play various blockchain-based games where you can earn money while having fun. Although our principle is play-to-earn, we will provide this to the players around the play-and-earn method, around the motive of having fun. Also, like some games on the market, we will not have a requirement to keep or buy a certain amount of cryptocurrencies in the relevant wallet to start the game or cause any cost in any way. All games can be played at no cost.

Basically, we aim to develop the full potential of the blockchain economy and isolate users from the complexity of the blockchain, without requiring any previous experience or interest in blockchain or cryptocurrencies. Thus, we will introduce blockchain technology to users who were not in the cryptocurrency world before, through mobile games. Our ecosystem will combine various game genres and revolutionary blockchain capability with NFTs to give players control of the content they make.

From Turkey to the World!

In this context, ATBFIG token issued by ATB Games partner ATB Software was listed on Paritex, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Turkey, on April 5, 2021. ATBFIG token reaches wider audiences by listing Pancakeswap, one of the world's largest swap exchanges, and, the global exchange, since April 5th. ATBFIG, which is in the concept of Proof of Stake (PoS), has now reached 25,000 participants from 33 countries with 2,374 stakes. It has been certified by Hacken on September 23, 2021 that the Smart Contract address is secure. An application has been made for the listing of Coinmarketcap, and the process is continuing, with the result being finalized very soon. In the future, ATBFIG will continue to make a name for itself with blockchain-based games that will make a splash, as well as being listed on different global exchanges.

ATBFIG, a token based on the BEP20 protocol, will provide the opportunity to earn as you play, while also acting as the official currency in the ecosystem when purchasing goods and services within the games. All your assets in the games are also protected by the blockchain, as all transactions take place on the blockchain, where the ecosystem is transparent and reliable.

Ahmet Turgut BURUK, CEO of ATBFIG token; “We set out with Paritex, one of Turkey's leading stock exchanges. Since the first day we launched with Paritex, the ATBBIG token has attracted great interest. With great support and cooperation, we have now listed our project on 2 more global exchange platforms, and offered the opportunity to meet with ATBBIG tokens to investors all over the world. By doing these, we have now become a company that exports crypto money. From now on, our value will be determined by our work and the people who believe in us. Our goal is to offer the value we create to more people by being listed on 7 global crypto money platforms by the end of the year.”