Turkish mobile game company produces crypto money

The year 2020, which passed with the pandemic, had a positive impact on the gaming industry. According to the "Mobile Game Industry Statistics and Trends 2021" report published by SocialPeta, the number of mobile gamers on a global scale exceeded 2.5 billion in 2020 with an increase of 12 percent compared to the previous year, while the annual income of the industry was also increased. It reached $77.2 billion. The biggest shareholder in this table was the advertisers. According to the report, mobile game advertisers increased by 9 percent compared to the previous year and reached 60,000, so one out of every four mobile advertisers preferred mobile games.


While it was pointed out that advertising activities were decisive in the sustainability of the momentum gained by the industry, a move came from the domestic mobile game company ATB Games. The company announced that it has produced a cryptocurrency called Fig Coin, which allows you to pay or receive payments with crypto money in the mobile gaming industry. Being listed on Paritex, one of Turkey's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and making a quick entry into the industry, Fig Coin attracts attention from mobile game lovers. The project, which also allows to earn Fig Coins by playing games, created excitement in the sector.


Ahmet Turgut Buruk, CEO of ATB Games, conveying the details on the subject, said, “We took the mobile application and mobile game industry, which are the most popular in the world, as a basis for earnings. With the awareness that the biggest requirement of the sector is advertising, we have produced a solution suitable for the dynamics of the age. In fact, we have brought together the most popular earnings sector and crypto money, which is rapidly moving towards becoming the focus of the financial sector, on the same denominator. Fig Coin, which we have produced in this context, is a cryptocurrency that has its own blockchain technology and can be used to make purchases in-game. We believe that the features such as the advanced blockchain, ultra-fast, cost-free and secure transaction capability offered by Fig Coin will bring a transparent payment system to the gaming industry. Our goal is to integrate all aspects of money into the digital age in the mobile gaming industry.”


Stating that their investment with Fig Coin has also reshaped their future goals, Ahmet Turgut Buruk said, “As a local mobile game company, we have made dozens of hit and trending games so far. Our company, which set out with a turnover target of 10 million dollars in 2021, plans to implement a total of 6 projects by the end of 2022. Combining these projects with the power of Fig Coin and growing mobile applications are among our main goals. We aim to contribute to our country's economy by moving forward with fast and confident steps and reaching our export target of 100 million dollars for 2022. I would like to remind you that we have made an agreement with Paritex, one of the largest and most reliable crypto money exchanges in Turkey, for the trading of Fig Coin and that we have special events for the opening. Our goal is to create Turkey's first silicon valley," he said.

Source: https://www.dha.com.tr/teknoloji/yerli-mobil-oyun-sirketi-kripto-para-uretti/haber-1819642